About Us

Water Solutions for Life began as a group of students from Gabrielino High School involved in environmental projects led by teacher Michael Winters. These students were challenged to implement a project that has energy conservation value, is of social value, and has a tangible impact. The students exceeded this challenge to create a local global value in recycling beverage containers that have a redemption value in California, to eliminate impacts on landfills, trash, while recycling the raw materials into reuse minimizing the energy and resource input related to creation of new containers or product made from the base materials of the containers.  This project encompassed taking the proceeds of trash beverage container redemption into clean drinking water solutions. Since the inception, individual water purification devices, and water wells have been provided to people in Tanzania refugee camps, Hatti, and Pakistan. Students engaged other schools through, Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots programs in California, The Jane Goodall Institute and Dr. Goodall in expanding the efforts of the students at Gabrielino. Additionally Rotarian’s  and Interactor’s , Kiwanis and Key clubs, AP Environmental students, and many other student clubs in high schools have contributed  many hours and funds to support this effort.


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